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We are a global network of partners, family offices, affiliates, and other limited partners

Every member of our network brings something meaningful and unique to IDI Group and its portfolio companies.


The IDI Network Effect

Our network holds deep industry relationships to curate value creation for our portfolio companies.


Syndication to Investors

Every single round we raise is syndicated to the IDI Network. Gain access to exclusive deals with a diverse portfolio of early-stage opportunities.


Pioneers, Innovators & Leaders

Our affliates offer industry expertise for portfolio companies to leverage for business development, product development, talent acquisition, and more.


Sourcing Compelling Opportunities

The IDI portfolio grows out of the deals brought to us from partners and affiliates. Many of our affiliates have early or exclusive access to new investment opportunities in compelling companies.


Market Services for Portfolio Companies

IDI Group connects consultants and operations specialists with its portfolio companies, if needed.

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